Checkered Hat, the interactive event production and design company founded by James “Weather” Schweda. We specialize in creating life-changing event experiences that combine technology, live performance, and guerilla marketing. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, we strive to push boundaries and transcend conventional environments to create peak experiences.

At Checkered Hat, we believe in the power of self-actualization and the importance of peak experiences in achieving it. According to Abraham Maslow, peak experiences are key to fulfilling our potential and experiencing life to the fullest. These experiences are characterized by wonder, awe, reverence, and a sense of truth, goodness, beauty, and completeness.

If you’re looking to create a highly valued experience that changes your attendees forever, then Checkered Hat is the production company for you. We’re not your average production company, we create moments that define people.

To learn more about James Schweda and his approach to interactive event production and design, visit jamesschweda.com. Ready to create something life-changing? Reach out and share your vision with us by emailing [email protected].