Checkered Hat is the brainchild of James “Weather” Schweda. We produce a variety of entertainment related products and services. These diverse offerings work together in a synergistic fashion to utilize the unique skills that Weather has developed during his two decades of experience in the live entertainment industry. We aim to satisfy the needs of our customers by creating unique peak experiences, the memories of which last a lifetime.

We present a wide range live music shows. These take place in clubs, halls, ballrooms, theatres and occasionally in the form of small outdoor festivals. Our services in producing such events are also be available for hire.

Weather makes live musical appearances alone and with other musicians. A number of different musical configurations are available for hire and the show can be adapted to assorted venues from house concerts to festival stages.

We produce live and studio albums of Weather’s original compositions. The music is also available in sheet music format. We issue licenses to present, record and synchronize these compositions as well. 

We also sell apparel, posters, and miscellaneous other art.

We produce a number of services and products related to entertainment education. Weather teaches guitar lessons and provides music theory training. We host workshops on the subjects of concert promotion and self promotion. Books and DVDs seminars on those subjects are also available . Additionally we provide support services to people engaged in those activities.

To learn more about James Schweda please look at his resume.