We here at Checkered Hat live for live music. It is our goal to present compelling shows that become peak experiences for the fans and the acts involved. It is our mission wake the world up and to create little pocket of musical paradise within our community.

Checkered Hat produces and promotes shows at a variety of locations. From house concerts to outdoor festivals we strive to facilitate events which run smoothly and in a professional manner.

We present shows in a number of genres. While our core interests are jam, funk and fusion we are always willing to explore new experiences. Our team has experience with punk, indie, alt-country, reggae,  EDM and many other genres of music. We accept submissions of any genre. If you create music that explores, excites and inspires please share it with us.

What to expect from us:

We use a well developed marketing approach to promote our shows. We list the event on a number of music calendars and maintain a targeted email list. We are experts in social media and pay per click advertising. We’re also big fans of wild postings and flyer campaigns. Professional graphic design is also available on request. We’re willing to go the extra mile to bring people together to experience your act.

What we expect from you:

Promotion is a team effort and we need your help if we’re going to be successful. At this time we have a preference for acts that have a local draw of at least forty people on a weeknight and a hundred on a weekend.

An ideal act should have a strong social media presence and a well developed website. They should also be willing to use these tools to help us promote the show. From our experience acts which have music and videos available online are easier to promote successfully than ones who do not.

If you do not meet these criteria do not despair. We support new music and we have a variety of support and opening positions available. Let us know your situation and we’ll see if we can find a spot for you.

How to get booked:

Email your electronic press kit to:
[email protected]

Make sure to include:
  • A list of venues you’ve played. Please include dates and day of week.
  • A list of other acts you have performed with.
  • A list of acts you know or think would fit well with yours.
  • Your average draw in Seattle.
  • Links to your band’s social media, website and to your music.
  • Any local press you have received.

Please do not forget to include the name, phone number and email address for your designated booking contact.

Touring Acts please include the potential dates you are looking to play and what type of venue you are looking for.

We generally book three to six months in advance.

Thank you for your interest in Checkered Hat. We look forward to hearing from you.